JUNE 2018
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By Don Nelson, President of the Board

Bird Festival 2018 is a wrap!

What a Bird Festival the Friends and the Refuge hosted on May 18. Attendance was way up. The remote parking lot was full and so were the shuttle buses. Lots of happy children and adults on the refuge taking in all the activities. Popular with the kids were the bird houses (as always) and coloring a canvas bag. The fishing activity seemed to get a lot of attention and there were lots of exhibitors interested in talking with each of you.

A super big thanks to Friends employee Bonnie Anderson, who just completed her last year directing the Bird Festival. Bonnie has been instrumental in planning our Bird Festival since its inception, and ties up all the loose ends so the members, volunteers and visitors have a wonderful time. If you missed it, you will have to wait until next May.

Thanks also to the Service, whose Urban Program assisted with supplies as well as the transportation that permitted so many to attend.

Well, Bonnie is not leaving, but we will need additional volunteers next year to help cover everything that Bonnie did. Seems a single person cannot replace Bonnie easily. Bonnie’s experience in many years of directing this festival will be sorely missed next year.

Alternative Outdoor School

We’re all familiar with the concept of the Outdoor School, which provides students in sixth grade classes the opportunity to attend a week long camp in spring that teaches critical science and biology skills. Yet what most of us don’t know is that the program really only serves 75% of the students. The other 25% cannot actually attend these overnight camps for various reasons, whether health, physical, religious, family or other reasons. Prior to the Environmental Education (EE) committee taking on this challenge, these students in the local school districts would be relegated to day long “study hall” on their school campus. The EE committee did an outstanding job this year providing the capability for these alternative outdoor school campers to have a curriculum-guided learning experience that allowed them to stay overnight at their own home. The idea has been so successful this year and last, that Oregon State University is now working with Tom, our EE chair, and the EE volunteers to see how this can be propagated further. I am sure Tom will have more to say on this subject after he meets with the OSU representatives.

That’s all for this month. Hope we will see you on the refuge – the seasonal (summer) trail is now open until September 30th.


URGENT!! The Friends are looking for a Treasurer to replace the current treasurer who will be president next October.

If you are interested in being part of the executive team and have financial experience or are a "numbers" person, please contact the current treasurer, wstoeller@comcast.net, for details.


We are now stocking Clean Water GROW plant food products in our Friends store. This sustainable nutrition source is pulled from used water, offering an environmentally friendly food source for your garden. The slow-release formula gives your plants a season-long supply of nutrients by releasing minerals when your plants need them.

Choose from 3 formulas...

All-Purpose Plant Food

The plant food that does it all - Clean Water Grow All-Purpose Plant Food is perfectly formulated for vegetables, flowers, house plants, trees and shrubs. Make your garden happy with this bag of balanced nutrition. Work it into the soil and watch your garden GROW!

New! Rose & Flower Food

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New! Tomato & Veggie Food

Clean Water Grow Tomato & Veggie was created with your tomatoes and veggies in mind. It's blended with a high calcium content for more productive plants that bring better fruit.



Hello, everyone – news from the bookstore at Nature’s Overlook – we’re restocked on this popular book by John Laws. We also have his book on drawing birds – excellent. Check out his website – he offers ways to start your own nature journaling group.

Here are two of the new books on our shelves.

And, we also have this book by the same author…

We’ve got one copy of “Birdsongs of the Pacific Northwest" with paperback and CD for your listening/learning pleasure.

Looking for a great gift for a child in your life? Check out our scores of beautiful, educational books for little ones and bigger ones, and perhaps pair it with a stuffed animal that George has selected for the shop! Happy reading, and thanks for shopping for books at the Refuge!


The Photo Society wrapped up the year with a presentation on Milky Way Photography (night sky). There are no monthly meetings in June, July, and August.

There will be a meetup to photograph the night sky in September.

And the Photo Society will meet again in September on its normal first-Thursday of the month date of September 6. Tentatively we will begin the season with an evening workshop on Bird Photography, but stay tuned for further announcements as the summer goes on.

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Summer Exploration Days
June 6, 10am - 1pm

2nd Saturday work party
June 9, 8:45am - noon

Summer Exploration Days
June 13, 10am - 1pm

Puddle Stompers
June 13, 1-2:30pm

Bio-swale work party
June 15, noon - 2pm

Family Exploration Hike
June 16, 10 - 11am

Puddle Stompers
June 19, 10-11:30am

Summer Exploration Days
June 20, 10am - 1pm

Friends Board Meeting
June 26,  6:30 pm

Summer Exploration Days
June 27, 10am - 1pm






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