Photojournalist Session 2, Day 3

July 27, 2016 3:47 PM | Anonymous

Eames, from the Beavers Team, agreed to be Photojournalist today. It's a particularly tough day to be Photojournalist. The campers seem to have an easier time when they're out in the field collecting pictures. Today's activities were mostly in more enclosed settings. Eames concentrated on getting shots of his teammates, which is a big part of the role of Photojournalist.

He got a couple of well-taken pictures of his team making paper...

Eames then loaned the camera to a friend to capture himself making his journal cover. Very resourceful, Eames!

He got a few shots of his team with Gary Fawver during the Bird Identification activity. One is of the campers acquainting themselves with their binoculars. The other is of the campers trying to estimate the height of a bird way off in the distance.


With the help of a friend, he was able to get a shot of his team and Marilyn Ellis at the Build a Bird activity.

Nice job, Eames!

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