Photojournalist, Session 2, Day 2

July 26, 2016 4:16 PM | Anonymous

For every Nature Camp Session, we try to get some additional feedback from the campers to put on the blog. Each team in the camp is asked to assign one team member to serve as the Photojournalist for a day. The role is to capture some shots of their teammates in action, along with some pictures that reflect what the journalist thought looked pretty cool. Today, Sophia, from the Owls was selected as the Photojournalist.

Sophia did as we asked. She got some great pictures of her teammates in action...

Here are the Owls on the prowl for interesting pictures on Photography day.

She got a couple of shots of her teammates taking pictures as well....

Here's a picture of the Owls' Naturalist pointing out something of interest to her team...

...and a few views of what she thought looked interesting. Sophia shows her very good sense of "interesting" with - -

a clever view of a very tall tree. Doesn't the view angle accentuate the height of the tree?

This shot hints at the diversity of life on an oak tree: the tree itself, the galls which provide nourishment to a special wasp, and the moss in the shaded nooks of the oak.

Here are a few dainty blooms rising above a lot of ground cover.

This is a picture of a very complex web. Sophia caught a good shot of it and the vegetation around it.

As the Refuge dries up at this time of year to allow the flowers to go to seed for nourishment for the next migration of birds, there's lots of drama in and around the remaining water. It's scenes like this one that depict that transition.

Very nice job, Sophia! Thanks for sharing your talents.

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