Session 1, Day 2

July 12, 2016 3:36 PM | Anonymous

The Camp Staff was concerned yesterday and this morning that we'd have a wet Photography Day. Fortunately, we were blessed with pretty perfect conditions. It was not too sunny, which could have bleached out pictures, and not too warm, which would have drained us all. The campers spent the majority of their time on the trails. Ask your camper if he/she realized that they walked over 2 miles this morning.

Tom Shreve and Don Nelson, a couple of our photographers, distributed cameras to the campers.

When everyone had their camera, Tom gave the campers some tips on how to use the camera and how to lay out an interesting photo. Tom was most emphatic with his strongest suggestion, "Have fun!"

Ask your camper to describe a few of the tips that Tom provided. When your camper brings home a thumb drive with all of their pictures on it, it would be fun to discuss how the camper decided on the subject and how he staged the photograph.

Elianna agreed to take on the role of Photojournalist for the day. That role involves not only taking pictures of the flowers and critters, but also catching some shots of her teammates in action. There will be a separate posting of her efforts.                                            

Each team of campers headed out in a different direction to minimize their impact on the wildlife. But before they got even a few feet onto the trails, they were well into snapping pictures.

They pointed out interesting subjects to each other,

and then zoomed in to capture the shot.

Ally "Gator", one of the Camp Assistants, invested some of her time on the trail entering drawings and data into her journal. She also entered some information about the subjects she photographed. She shared her documentation with her Team.

As presented in yesterday's blog, this group of campers is very special. Not  have they made friends with each other very quickly, but today they demonstrated a willingness to help each other and to share their discoveries. Jonah, the Team Leader for the Beavers, collected a willing beetle onto his finger and then held the bug so the others could get a good picture. He then passed the beetle onto another camper.

The campers were able to see a lot of interesting creatures and beautiful flowers today. 

For example,there were some ducks swimming in the canals..

a very plump banana slug on a stump...

and some really beautiful flowers...

Some of the animals were well off in the distance, too far to get a good picture of without a very long lens. The campers enjoyed seeing them, even if the weren't able to get a picture. For example, a great blue heron...

and a very sleepy great horned owl...

When we got back to the EE Shelter, the campers did some journaling, turned in their cameras, and had some banana bread baked in Charlie Graham's solar oven, and shared what we saw during the day.

Dishitha and Alivya, from the Owls team, reported that they saw a "weird tree, lots of moss, a woodpecker, a bald eagles' nest, and a doe with her fawn." The deer were moving too fast to get a picture. The reported that "the pond and river sparkled like sapphire." Elianna and Samara, from the Chickadees team, noted that their team "saw the great horned owl, a very patient robin, the banana slug over some fungus, and some ducks in the creek under a bridge." Avaya reported for the Beavers team. "Lia saw a snake, the team saw a heron fly overhead, and a bushtit nest. They also saw the deer and seven bullfrogs. They sensed that some plants, like pineapple and mint, smelled very nice, but other plants smelled bad. The team learned to distinguish poison oak, stinging nettles, and poison hemlock." Ask your camper what they found especially interesting.

Photo Day is a traditional favorite of the campers and today should be no exception. We hope that your campers came home as the Camp Staff did, pumped up for all we got to see and capture with a camera, and exhausted for the energy we spent without really realizing it. Each camper will bring home a thumb drive with all of their pictures on it. Look forward to a fun time reviewing their efforts.

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